• We are Brave Teacher KY:

    A Coalition of

    Kentucky Teachers.

    Commonwealth Collaboration for the Future of Schools.

  • About Us

    We are an open, collaborative coalition of educators in Kentucky who want

    to learn from one another & grow together in these changing times.

    Collaborative Opportunities to Learn.

    Educators want a place to learn from each other openly & directly. We facilitate critical conversations & hold space for genuine engagement.

    Safe Spaces; Critical Conversations.

    We facilitate relevant, necessary conversations amongst Kentucky educators to support authentic growth & collaboration.

    Responsive Content to the Needs of KY Teachers.

    We co-create & host responsive content such as podcasts, blogs, op-eds, lessons, unit plans, and workbooks to authentically support educators.

    Open Discussions & Live Panels.

    Join us on social media for EdChats with the hashtag #BNTKY.

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    Quarterly Forums; Adaptable Initiatives.

    As the needs of educators, students, families, and communities shift constantly, our model is one of consistent, adaptable supports for a changing world.

    An Open Door.

    Any Kentucky educator ready & willing to join our efforts has consistent opportunities to do so. Learn more below about opportunities to engage.

  • Who We Are

    We're Kentucky educators from across the Commonwealth who want to facilitate authentic learning and growth opportunities to support our colleagues.


    Any educator in Kentucky can join the conversation.

    We elevate each other's ideas & resources in a spirit

    of connection, collaboration, support & growth.

  • What We Do

    Four times a year we'll host an open forum for any ready & willing Kentucky educator where we'll discuss ways to respond to the relevant, real-time needs of educators in the Commonwealth. Each quarter, we'll host an initiative in response to those needs, led by dynamic Kentucky teacher leaders who want to work toward grassroots change for education.

  • Summer 2020

    As schools & districts shuffled to create plans for reopening schools or converting to NTI, Kentucky teachers needed a voice & outlet for their insights, worries, and ideas. We hosted an EdChat on Twitter & a slow chat on Facebook in response to that need. Check out @BraveNewTeachKY or #BNTKY on Twitter to explore that conversation.

  • Fall 2020

    After a semester leading learning in difficult circumstances across the Commonwealth, we felt that the right response to the needs of Kentucky's educators was to focus on radical self care. We're not talking about hokey warm & fuzzies; we're talking about setting boundaries for ourselves, courageous conversations, trauma, mindfulness, and choosing joy.


    So announcing Brave Teacher KY's inaugural podcast, Teacher Check In! Stay tuned for the first episode coming this November as we explore ways to #BeBraveBeWell.

  • Winter 2021

    Join us for an open, solutions-driven conversation about the current state of educator wellbeing on Thursday, February 18 from 7:00-8:30 pm EST.

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